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GLS vibrating screen

GLS vibrating screen Product introduction GLS series pr…

GLS vibrating screen

Product introduction
GLS series probability screen is a kind of screening equipment, and the running track of its screen box is a straight line. This series of screening machines is a successful example of the organic combination of probability wheel and engineering practice. Its brand-new design concept, special structure and screening principle have achieved the screening effect of probability screen and have broad application prospects. GLS series probability screen adopts screen holes with larger particle size than screening to classify materials. It is composed of frame, a group of multi-layer overlapping screen surfaces with increasing slope from top to bottom, decreasing screen hole size of vibrating screen and two vibrating motors. The whole equipment of the vibrating screen is installed on a group of elastic elements, and the screen surface of the vibrating screen obtains high-frequency vibration through the rotation of the excitation motor.
Product features
1. Probability screen has a wide range of applications, which can be divided into ordinary type and anti-corrosion type, and can grade materials of 0.2mm.
2. The processing capacity of probability screen is larger, and the output can be increased by 2-4 times on the basis of ensuring the screening accuracy of ordinary screen machine.
3. The screen does not block holes and deform, and the materials do not cross layers.
4. It is convenient and fast to change the network, which can be controlled within 30 minutes.
5. Low noise, good sealing, conducive to environmental protection.
6. Humanized design is convenient for process layout.
7. Single machine xx4-7 kinds of particle size materials or multi-layer XX2 kinds of particle size materials can be used to improve higher precision and output.
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working principle
LS series probability screen is a screening machine that actively uses the probability screening principle. The screening theory points out that the retention time of each object in the operation is in inverse proportion to its size and weight. Through practical experiments, it is found that when the particle size is much smaller than the cavity, it can quickly pass through the surface of the drying surface, and the more the particles close to the cavity diameter, The longer the retention time is, if the diameters of both sides want to be close, the longer the retention time of particles. Generally speaking, the longer the large particles are, the shorter the small particles are.
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technical parameter
1. The parameters listed in the table are the reference values of the finalized products under standard state and rated working conditions;
2. Treatment capacity refers to the reference value of sand and gravel materials with uniform particle size distribution, loose density (1.2 ~ 1.6T / m3) and moisture content not greater than 5%;
3. All parameters only reflect the main structural types and overall dimensions of the equipment, which are for the user's reference. The specific structure and main technical parameters are subject to the technology and supply contract.
Tips for GLS vibration probability screening
1. GLS series probability screen has (14) finalized specifications and two types of vibration sources: vibration motor and vibration exciter, which are applicable to the needs of different working environments. Please determine the voltage system and whether there are explosion-proof requirements when selecting;
2. The equipment can be installed in various forms, such as support type, hanging type and their matching type. Please consider carefully when selecting the type.


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