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Yuzhong Grain Machine-the leading one-stop service provider in grain processing industry

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Yuzhong Grain Machine-the leading one-stop service provider in grain processing industry

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People-oriented, science and technology to develop enterprises, integrity-oriented, quality first
Jingzhou Yuzhong Grain Machinery Co., Ltd.
Jingzhou Yuzhong Grain Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales of grain, oil and feed storage machinery and equipment. The company is located in Shashi Development Zone, Jingzhou City, a beautiful historical and cultural city in China. The transportation is developed and convenient.

The company was founded in 1995, formerly known as Jingzhou Jinsui Grain, Oil and Feed Machinery Trade Department. After more than 20 years of development, the company has trained and trained a number of high-quality managers. A group of proficient, experienced technical backbones and R & D, design and manufacturing as one of the one-stop service team: the company has a group of professional technical personnel to provide users with Nissan 50T-1500T rice processing engineering design, and has a group of professional and experienced installation team to provide users with high-quality and efficient equipment installation, commissioning and after-sales service.

The company fully implements IS09001:2015 international quality management system certification standards (quality management system, environmental management system, occupational health management system), comprehensively introduces advanced management concepts, and implements omni-directional quality management. The company has obtained the state-issued mechanical and electrical installation qualification, safety construction license and safety production license. The company's project manager, safety administrator, technical person in charge, and all on-site construction personnel are certified to work in a more standardized and efficient way for safe construction and production.
The company produces the following series of products:
1) cleaning equipment series: vibrating cleaning screen, high-efficiency rotary vibration screen, intelligent high-efficiency air screen, new environment-friendly mobile grain cleaner, high-efficiency and energy-saving cylinder primary cleaning screen, brown rice cleaning screen, drum bran separation screen
2) hoist series: Rice slow hoist, rice ultra-low speed hoist and rice husk special hoist
3) conveying equipment series: various types of flat belt conveyor, multi-point unloading belt conveyor, skirt conveyor, automatic conveying, packing and loading system, lifting and retractable belt conveyor, scraper conveyor, stranding dragon
4) non-standard series: various types of hand pneumatic gates, hand pneumatic tees, magnetic separators, glass rice husk grain lifters, silencers
5) Wind net series: various types of Shakron, pipes, elbows, sieve plates and ventilation pipes
6) automatic storage system of raw grain
7) Design and installation of complete sets of 50-1000T rice and miscellaneous grains per day
The company has been adhering to the "people-oriented, science and technology industry; integrity-oriented, service first" enterprise purpose, dedicated to provide every customer with efficient and high-quality one-stop service: for the majority of grain processing enterprises to provide scientific and reasonable overall solution.
Company's series of products
A new type of high efficiency and energy saving cylinder cleaning screen
Intelligent air screen integrated cleaning machine
Intelligent wind screen integrated rotary vibrating screen
Drawer type vibrating cleaning screen
Brown rice cleaning rotary vibrating screen
Environment-friendly mobile grain cleaner (suction)
DKTL glass rice husk grain extractor
Stainless steel pipe component
Telescopic belt conveyor
Hand, electricity, air gate, tee
The overall solution of grain processing industry
The company's engineering cases at home and abroad

Engineering case

Engineering case

Look forward to providing you with quality service

Hubei Jingzhou Yuzhong Grain Machine is willing to screening devices work with domestic and foreign grain processing enterprises and counterparts, hand in hand to create resplendence!
Jingzhou Yuzhong Grain Machinery Co., Ltd.
Add: national High-tech Development Zone, Jingzhou City, Hubei Province (75 Daya Road, Dongfang Avenue)
Landline (Tel): 0716-8375770
24-hour enquiry hotline: 18627299589 (Manager Yu)
Web site: Web:
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