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What does the intercontinental mine rely on to reduce cost and increase efficiency this vibrating screen gives you the answer.

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What do you rely on to reduce costs and increase efficiency? This vibrating screen gives you the answer.

Analysis on Technical Innovation of High efficiency V Series inclined vibrating screen
The sieving machine optimal design of the structure effectively prolongs the life of the vibrating screen and ensures the maximization of production benefit.

Vibrating screen is widely used in mine production, and it is an effective equipment for dealing with difficult-to-screen materials in China. it has the technological characteristics of large amplitude, large vibration intensity and so on. Mining vibrating screen has been widely used in metallurgy, mining, electric power, building materials, chemical and other industries because of its many kinds and excellent performance, which can meet the needs of a variety of production.

However, in the investigation of readers, intercontinental editors know that at present, there are still a large number of problems in the operation and maintenance of vibrating screen, such as gear pinning, high bearing sieve comparator temperature rise, high noise and so on. This kind of problems directly affect the stability and service life of the vibrating screen.

In addition, due to the increase of cost caused by repeated crushing and the decrease of output caused by too much stone powder, it has seriously affected the production efficiency of enterprises and become the main problem for the majority of production enterprises at present.

In this paper, the intercontinental editor selected a new type of V-series inclined vibrating screen for the feedback of the broad masses of readers. This vibrating screen can well solve the above problems and has been widely praised by many production enterprises in practical application.

Structure optimization
Effectively prolonging the service life of the vibrating screen
V series vibrating screen is a new metal fines type of vibrating screen which subverts the traditional vibrating screen after continuous research, test and improvement in Huabao, which is suitable for mining, metallurgy, building materials, coal, electric power and other mining industries. It has a wide range of application and high screening efficiency. it is widely used in the screening of fine materials after coarse crushing, and it is also suitable for material shunt screening and classification screening of final products. the screening rate is more efficient than traditional circular and linear vibration screening. It adopts uniaxial vibration structure, and it is proved to have the best particle screening mode in actual operation: 1, tumbling uses its own gravity movement; 2, cyclic load; 3, screening efficiency is good; 4. The combination of several amplitudes / rotational speeds can be used in a wide range of applications, from coarse to sand screening.

The durable and sturdy design of the fuselage and the installation of transmission shaft parts are not only suitable for any heavy load operation, but also prolong the service life of the vibrating screen and bring considerable profits for the user production enterprises:
1. Integrated screen support
2. Riveted fixed fuselage structure
3. The bearing is installed on the shaft ring.

Performance advantage
Lean design ensures the maximization of users' interests
1. High quality structure and bearing without axle push
The bearing is installed on the shaft ring, and the spindle is only used to drive the power, and drives the counterweight of the bearing and the bearing housing to rotate on the shaft ring by the coupling, so the spindle is not affected by the heat caused by the high-speed rotation of the bearing, so there is no obvious thermal expansion and cold shrinkage of the spindle. The bearing has no axial thrust burden, which can increase the life of the bearing.
2. Advanced vibrating mechanism
The bearing is installed on the shaft ring, which is locked on the three-layer splint structure of the machine table, and the transmission shaft is responsible for power transmission. this design has the minimum curvature of the shaft and the long life of the bearing. and has power-saving characteristics (electricity consumption is only about 70% of the traditional vibrating screen), good lubrication, low noise, in line with today's environmental protection requirements.
3. The simplest screening exercise
V-series vibrating screen provides the most effective screening action, so as to increase the profits of production enterprises. This design is widely used, and almost most gravel industries adopt this inclined vibrating machine.
4. Super fuselage structure
The V series vibrating screen machine adopts rivet lock to form a solid box structure, and the machine side plate is made of high tension steel plate without welding. The integrated screen bracket has a solid supporting force. This series of fuselage is designed to be sturdy and durable and is suitable for heavy load screening.
5. Rubber spring
V series vibrating screen uses rubber spring structure skillfully, which has the characteristic of greatly reducing noise when starting and stopping.

6. Simple structure and easy maintenance
Compared with horizontal vibrating screen and inclined vibrating screen, V series vibrating screen has only one shaft and does not need gear, so it is simple in structure and easy to maintain.

7. Universal joint transmission power
The unique universal joint replaces the traditional power transmission mode of the pulley and reduces the bearing load.
8. A wide range of applications
Compared with horizontal vibrating screen and inclined vibrating screen, it is simple in structure, easy to repair and maintain, and has a larger amount of materials. it is widely used in gravel, recovery and mineral screening.
9. Smooth operation and easy maintenance
1 replaceable bearing housing design, easy on-site replacement of bearings and other parts, making maintenance easier
2 equipped with rubber spring to make the start and stop smoother
(3) the universal joint is used to connect the motor transmission, so that the transmission shaft is not bent by the tension of the belt.
10. Design of screen support
The screen support adopts arch beam design, which has the characteristics of high strength and low degree of winding. The net surface adopts arc design, the screen is fixed by pressing plate to provide the highest screen tension, and the screen material can be evenly distributed on the net surface.

11. Special beam structure
The crossbeam adopts U-shaped structure to avoid hemp damage of the crossbeam when the stone sieve falls and to put an end to the phenomenon of breaking the crossbeam due to wear.
12. Replaceable speed
Different rotational speeds of the fourth stage can be adjusted according to different needs.

Technical parameters of V series vibrating screen
Double amplitude (mm)
Processing capacity (Tbinh)
Speed (R/min)
Inclination of sieve surface (°)
Motor power (KW)
Weight (T)
External dimensions (mm) length x width x height
10: 14
37KW-6 level
6095 million 3485 million 3740
10: 14
37KW-6 level
6095 million 3485 million 3990
10: 14
37KW-6 level
6565, 3485, 3883.
10: 14
37KW-6 level
6565, 3485, 4030
10: 14
37KW-6 level
6565, 3685, 3883
10: 14
37KW-6 level
6565, 3685, 4030
10: 14
37KW-6 level
6943 3585 4325
10: 14
37KW-6 level
6943 3585 4370
Note: technical parameters are subject to change without prior notice.

[editor's summary]
The production practice has proved that the vibrating screen seems to have a simple structure, but it has very high requirements for process design. At present, although the price of the shaker imitated by many equipment enterprises that do not have the strength of research and development is low, it will bring a lot of follow-up problems to the production enterprises in the future production and maintenance. The majority of production enterprises must not choose unqualified models in order to save procurement or maintenance costs.

Compared with the traditional vibrating screen, the new V-series inclined vibrating screen launched by Huabao Mining Machine optimizes the overall structure and details of the vibrating screen, which can better meet the needs of production and can become an ideal choice for the majority of mining enterprises. (the cases and product information involved in this article are provided by Guangzhou Huabao Mine equipment Co., Ltd. 400m / m 862 / m / 8618)

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