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Sand and gravel observer [new product display] New products in the industry show sand making, screening and mobile broken equipment

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[new product display] 2021 industry new product display sand making, screening and mobile broken equipment

The year 2021, as the opening year of the 14th five-year Plan and the second century plan, China's economic development has entered a new period and a new stage. The sand and gravel aggregate industry continues the development trend in recent years, intelligence, large-scale, green has become the focus of the industry, equipment enterprises are also constantly introducing and improving equipment to cope with the emerging new demand. The editorial board of "Sand and Gravel Watch" collects new products from some outstanding enterprises in 2021, including 24 enterprises and 54 products, which are divided into three categories: mainframe equipment, sand making / screening and mobile breaking equipment, environmental protection and auxiliary equipment. This article introduces 14 enterprises and 17 products to share with colleagues in the industry.

Sand making equipment
Shenyang Shunda heavy Mining Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
Product model: tower mill SDTM series

Power: 160kW-3500kW; maximum feed size: 6mm; minimum discharge particle size: 0.015mm
Product advantage: the tower mill uses stirring to achieve the purpose of grinding and refining particles. Compared with the traditional ball mill at the same power, the energy saving is 25% to 50%. The smaller the particle size of the product is, the more obvious the energy saving effect is. When the noise is reduced to less than 60 decibels, an operator can maintain 3-5 equipment, saving operation and maintenance costs. Through the optimization of the structure and parameters of the screw part, the steel ball loss is greatly reduced, the service life of the liner is improved, and the optimal scheme for energy saving and emission reduction is provided for customers.
Project application case: Hebei Baitong Mining Industry
Launch date: June 2021
Contact information: 400-0349-888
Company name: Guangdong Leimeng Intelligent equipment Group Co., Ltd.
Product model: VL-450 dry building type fine aggregate station

Installed power: about 2200 kwa; feed size: ≤ 40mm; hourly output: 420-450t (fine sand)
Product advantages: this series of products have developed a closed-loop intelligent control and modular sand-making system with automatic feeding, conveying, sand-making, screening, dust removal, powder removal and automatic control of fineness modulus, etc. Three series of rotor centrifugal sand-making machines have been applied to the traditional aggregate environment-friendly production process to achieve low input, low operating cost, and really achieve more breaking and less grinding, to break instead of grinding, and to save energy and reduce consumption.
Launch date: January 2021
Contact: 400-805-6999Universe 188861351
Company name: Guangdong Huabao Mining Machinery Co., Ltd.
Product model: tire bar grinder

Equipment capacity: 60-280t/h
Product advantages: foreign imported technology improvement, few main components, convenient maintenance, general accessories can be purchased locally, noise reduction design, reduce noise pollution in the production environment. Large feed particles, high sand yield, excellent grain shape and low powder content, compared with traditional gear drive Wu key parts, such as ring gear, chain drive, steel wheel or journal bearing and so on.
Scope of application: all kinds of crushed stone sand production line
Launch date: October 2021
Contact information: 4008-628618 / Laodi 13002069666
Company name: Kuwait Rui (Guangdong) Mining Machinery equipment Co., Ltd.
Product model: GMB series bar mill sand making machine GMB3645

Installed power: 800kW; hourly output: 430t / h-580t / h; feed size: 15mm
Product advantages: the use of wet sanding process, no dust pollution and large processing capacity, uniform discharge particle size, fineness modulus between 2.2-3.0, ensuring good gradation continuity and avoiding excessive crushing of materials; air clutch with synchronous motor drive combination, to ensure that the power grid is not affected, to ensure that large production capacity of sand at the same time lower power consumption.
Launch date: October 2021
Project case: Rongfeng Mining Co., Ltd.
Contact: 0751-872-1999 / Chen Xinqiang 13500200802
Shanghai Shanmei Environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd.
Product model: C series building station machine-made sand production system

Production capacity: 40-160t shock h; feed size: 3-40mm
Product advantages: dry production process and highly intensive tower layout are adopted, which integrates efficient sand making, grain shape optimization, stone powder control, gradation adjustment, moisture content control and environmental protection treatment. it can realize the regulation and optimization of machine-made sand grain shape, gradation, powder content and other indicators, while saving the amount of cement and admixtures. It is suitable for all kinds of rocks, river pebbles, construction waste and other materials. it has the characteristics of convenient maintenance, up to the discharge standard, small area, low investment, quick effect, less employment and so on.
Launch date: January 2021
Contact information: 021-3752-5276 Universe 18939960280
Changsha Shenxiang General Machinery Co., Ltd.
Product model: sanding machine column crusher ZSJ600

Taiwan-hour output: 500-600t / h; feed size: ≤ 31.5mm
Product advantages: strong adaptability to raw material particles, fine aggregate sand, coarse aggregate sand, mixture can make sand; new powder is relatively less, 8% to 10%; grain shape is better, single machine output is large.
Project application case: Fushun Mining Group
Launch date: October 2021
Contact information: Ji Shangyi 13787162509
Company name: Ampuke Mining Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Product model: AMS350 fine sand building

Sand production capacity: 220-350 mtph; raw material particle size: 40mm; raw material water content: 3%; installed power: 1750kW
Product advantages: the feed particle size is large, the maximum particle size can reach 50mm, two-way feed point design, to meet the processing requirements of different specifications of materials. The powder content can be controlled between 3% and 20%, providing sand for high-grade concrete such as C60C80, which can completely replace river sand. In the case of the same energy consumption, the actual output is more than 50% higher than the same type of products. In the fully closed design, the intake negative pressure controls the dust escape, and the dust emission concentration is lower than that of 25mg/m3.
Launch date: may 2021
Contact information: Li Jinwei 15901616796
Screening equipment
Guangzhou Longyue Environmental Protection Machinery and equipment Co., Ltd.
Product model: VTDH3097 three-layer linear screen

Feed particle size: 25-0mm; production: 1500-2000t / h; product quantity: 1800t / h; motor power: 2x55KW/
Suitable materials: granite, limestone, limestone and other products can be screened by dry method or wet method.
Product advantages: used for accurate screening of product materials, large handling capacity; multi-layer screen surface for effective coarse weight reduction, thinner material layer, greater screening capacity; stable screening machine structure to achieve high-frequency vibration; super exciting force combination, small load rate of vibration exciter; product assembly full waterproof seal, wear-resistant and anticorrosive; provide secondary vibration isolation frame, start-stop transition is stable, operation load is only 0.5 ‰.
Launch date: December 2021
Contact: general Manager Hu 13539823868
Shanghai Shanmei Environmental Protection equipment Co., Ltd.
Product model: YKT series cantilever finger bar screen

Processing capacity: 50-800t / h; screening area: 7.5-10m2; motor power: 15-30kW
Product advantages: this product is a general screening equipment with special screen surface developed by Shanghai Shanmei Stock Co., Ltd., with high screening efficiency, relatively large handling capacity and not easy to block holes. It is suitable for the classification treatment of construction waste (demolition garbage, decoration garbage), domestic waste, large pieces of garbage and other mixed types of garbage, as well as materials with large mud content. The equipment has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient maintenance, high strength, impact resistance, wear resistance, low noise and so on.
Launch date: April 2021
Contact information: 021-375-25276 Universe 18939960280
Nanchang Mining Machinery Group Co., Ltd.
Product model: HFS series hydraulic high frequency vibrating screen 2HFS1857V

Power: 22kW; production capacity: 50-400t / h; feed size: 0-25mm
Application: suitable for fine particle screening in aggregate, mining and other industries, especially for artificial sand making after vertical shaft crushing, the minimum particle size of the product can reach 0.4mm.
Product advantage: make the fine material contact with the screen surface more frequently, and effectively improve the over-screening rate of fine material. Driven by 0-4200RPM original imported hydraulic vibration pump, the frequency can be adjusted by adjusting hydraulic flow, efficient and energy-saving, high-frequency vibration directly acts on the screen, the overall screen frame does not participate in vibration, and the screening efficiency is as high as 90%. The screen tension structure is simple, the operation is convenient, the screen replacement is more convenient, and the original inlet parts are used in the main components of the hydraulic system.
Project application cases: Jiangxi Ganzhou Longchang Stone Factory, Kunming Chongde cement, Chizhou Jiufeng Powder material Co., Ltd., Zhushui Rongfang Building Materials
Launch time: continuous improvement in 2021
Contact information: Mr. Wang 19979163950
Company name: Chengdu Leisen Machinery equipment Co., Ltd.
Product model: environmental protection gravity screening machine

Power: 37-110kW; processing capacity: 400-1200t / h; feed size: < 80mm Product advantages: fully sealed negative pressure screening does not raise dust, imported box type vibration exciter is stable and reliable, drawer type screen installation mode is convenient and efficient, can meet different working conditions of dry screen, and 6 kinds of particle size products can be screened at one time. Launch time: February 2019, further improvement in 2021 Contact information: 13608185533Universe 028-870-10550 Company name: Elisk Mine Construction Machinery Co., Ltd. Product model 1:CSA series circular vibrating screening machine Exciting force: 4.5G; maximum capacity: 1200tph Product advantages: the design is simple and the structure is firm; the screen body and the crossbeam are connected by Hook bolts to achieve no welding structure; the design of the shaped crossbeam is strengthened to ensure the stiffness of the sieve body; the contact surfaces of materials are protected by modular rubber wear-resistant plates, which is an economical and reliable choice. Launch time: may-December 2021 Product model 2:BSM series banana sieve BSM3675D Exciting force: 5G; maximum capacity: 4400tph Product advantages: suitable for high load conditions. The screen angle can be adjusted according to the composition of incoming particles, which has the characteristics of large handling capacity. The vibration exciter girder adopts the integral square cross-section design, the crossbeam adopts the hollow box structure, the stiffness is big, the weight is light; the side plate is not welded to avoid the side plate cracking. Pre-screening and inspection screening can be made. Launch date: December 2021 Contact information: Yan Yi 15026882962 Company name: Zaozhuang Ruilong Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Product model: RL3695 double drive vibrating screen Power: 75KWPM 2; processing capacity: 800kW / 1000t/h Product advantages: the layout of the double-drive vibrating screen is more reasonable, the screening effect is better, and the efficiency is higher. The vibrating screen is increased to two transmission points, which effectively reduces the load of the bearing, coupled with the design of the pulling tile, which greatly improves the service life. The side plate of the steel plate is processed by flanging and other processes, which effectively enhances the overall strength, has no welding joint, and eliminates the phenomenon of stress concentration caused by local heating. Launch date: March 2021 Contact: manager Chen 15589222278 Mobile breakage Company name: Yunnan Kailite heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. In May and December 2021, Kerritt successively launched new products such as conical crawler mobile cone crusher KC-AGP400RS, crawler mobile impact crusher KI-4800GRS, crawler mobile jaw crusher KJ-3545, direct drive mobile counterattack crusher KI-5000FRS and so on. Product model 1: cone crawler mobile cone crushing station KC-AGP400RS Maximum feed: 250mm; total power: 434.75kw; processing capacity: 140mm-500t/h Product advantages: convenient and quick layout adjustment, automatic restoration of setting state after cavity cleaning, thickening of lining plate, extension of service life, screening of aggregate, built-in parameter setting protection function and fault diagnosis function, remote monitoring. Product model 2: direct drive mobile counterattack crushing station KI-5000FRS Maximum feed: 700mm; handling capacity: 250mm-400t/h Product advantages: saving up to 30% fuel consumption compared with hydraulic drive; double-layer independent vibration pre-screening machine to achieve pre-screening; foldable hopper, large bucket capacity, high strength wear-resistant plate, longer life; using advanced electric proportional hydraulic control system, low energy consumption, low deviation rate; alarm display after screen fault diagnosis. Contact information: 400-087-1528 Henan Liming heavy Industry Technology Co., Ltd. Product model: NK series tire mobile crushing station Yield: 100-500t/h Product advantages: reliable performance, higher output, more energy saving, convenient maintenance and adjustment, can be quickly assembled and replaced by the desired mobile station model; long maintenance cycle, change the lubricating oil once every 8 months; long service life, high crushing ratio, can quickly adjust the discharge port; high level of automation, can start and stop according to the set sequence. Launch date: January 2021 Contact information: Yang Peng 1523837778 Due to various reasons, it is not possible to list all the excellent new products in the industry. In recent years, the sand and gravel industry technology continues to improve, new products, improved products emerge in endlessly, we also hope to share more excellent equipment for sand and gravel owners to provide more reference. If you have anything to add, you are welcome to contact the editorial board of "Sand and Gravel observation" 15158803466. Source: sand and gravel observation This article is selected from "New Product Show", No. 6 of "Sand and Stone observation" in 2021. "Sand and Gravel observation" is an in-depth reading material created by sand and gravel aggregate net, which aims to convey more opinions to colleagues in the sand and gravel industry and solve practical problems. In the 6th issue of "Sand and Gravel observation" in 2021, it includes the sixth Plenary session of the 19th CPC Central Committee, the central policy, the inventory of industry development in 2021 and the prediction of industry development in 2022, new product display, Xinjinshan enterprise special topics, sand and gravel market research, and so on. Among them, the sixth phase of the enterprise topic introduces in detail the enterprise background, development process, advantage products, project cases and other aspects of Xinjinshan. At present, the sixth issue of Sand and Gravel Watch has been released and the online registration of the magazine has not yet been received or required. Follow the Wechat official benefits of sifting account "Sand Observer", click "Magazine appointment" at the bottom of the menu bar, fill in your company name, address, recipient and contact number, and you can get "Sandy observation" free of charge. 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[exclusive interview] Sun Zhongyan: focus on low-carbon environmental protection with short process technology as the competitive point [annual report] Analysis report on the transfer of sand and gravel aggregate mining rights in 2021 [market research] December 2021 some large and medium-sized cities in China market price reference and price analysis [new product display] 2021 industry new product display mainframe equipment Contact sand and gravel aggregate network: 15158803466 Web site:
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