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Shanghai International Food and Beverage Materials Exhibition leads the Industrial Intelligence of Shandong Jiaxin

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Leading the intelligent industry in Shandong Jiaxin

Shandong Jiaxin Industrial equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Zhucheng, Shandong Province, mainly in the production of food machinery, specializing in pasteurization, cooling, bag-breaking, bag selection and drying lines, bottled tunnel sterilization lines, multi-functional bubble cleaning machines, central kitchen equipment, imitation German horizontal eddy spiral cleaning machines, clean vegetable processing lines, fruit and fish canned deep processing lines, fruit and vegetable chips deep processing lines. Dehydrated vegetable processing line, shiitake paste processing line, fruit and vegetable enzyme production line, VD reverse pressure differential vacuum extruder, VF vacuum frying machine, FD vacuum freeze-drying machine, brush cleaning machine, brush peeling machine, all kinds of fruits, dates, red dates, roots, seafood, high-pressure bubble vegetable cleaning line, multi-layer drying lines, all kinds of nuts, Chinese herbs, dried fruits and vegetables, flowers and leaves, aquatic products, etc. Air trunk line, quick-frozen food, thawing, cleaning pre-cooking line, halogen product cleaning line, bottled cleaning line, bag washing line, vibrating screen, various types of basket washing machine, turnover box cleaning machine and all kinds of stainless steel auxiliary equipment R & D and manufacturing, the products are sold all over the country, and now have all food and beverage expo 2017 kinds of mechanical processing equipment, which can meet the needs of users at different levels.

The company will bring more new products to the 13th Shanghai International Food and Beverage Materials Exhibition, booth: W5E106, welcome your visit.

Product display
Selected from calf cucumber strips and refined calf tongue respectively, it has the characteristics of hemp, spicy, fresh, fragrant, beautiful strip shape and so on.
VD- reverse pressure difference vacuum extruder
Vacuum low-temperature expansion technology, that is, differential pressure expansion is mainly used in the production of extruded fruit and vegetable chips, which does not contain oil or any additives, which avoids the problems of high oil content and short storage life of vacuum fried fruit and vegetable chips. Vacuum low-temperature extruded products are rich in protein, amino acids, cellulose, vitamins stokes paints and minerals and other nutrients. The vacuum expansion unit is composed of expansion tank device, vacuum pump, air compressor, large diameter valve, electric control cabinet, digital display thermometer, pipeline and control system, etc.

Air energy dryer
The air energy dryer uses the inverse Carnot principle to absorb the heat from the air outside the equipment and transfer it to the room to improve the temperature of the equipment and cooperate with the corresponding equipment to realize the drying of materials. In the process of working, the air evaporator absorbs the heat from the external air, or recovers the waste heat from the exhaust during the drying process, and the energy is transported (transferred) to the equipment through the work done by the compressor, and the hot air in the equipment is heated by repeated cycles. the heat is added to the material by hot air to evaporate the surface water of the material and discharge it in the form of condensed water, and finally realize the continuous drying of the material.
The hot air temperature can be adjusted according to the material demand, and the temperature and humidity range can be controlled automatically.
Hot air circulates in the box with high thermal efficiency and energy saving.
The whole machine has the advantages of low noise, stable operation, self-control of temperature and humidity, convenient installation and maintenance.

VF- vacuum frying machine
The integrated design of heating, frying, oil storage, deoiling, dehydration and oil filtration is completed continuously in vacuum, the oil content of the product is low, and the product is in a vacuum. Food processing under this relatively anoxic condition can reduce or even avoid the harm caused by oxidation (such as fatty acid rancidity, enzymatic browning and other oxidative deterioration, etc.). In the state of negative pressure, using oil as the heat transfer medium, the water in the food (free water and part of the bound water) will evaporate rapidly and spray out, making the tissue form a loose and porous structure.

FD intelligent vacuum freeze dryer
The freeze dryer (freeze dryer) consists of a refrigeration system, a vacuum system, a heating system and an electrical instrument control system. The main components are drying box, condenser, refrigeration unit, vacuum pump, heating and cooling device and so on. Freeze-drying, referred to as freeze-drying, is the method of freezing the water-containing material into a solid state, and then sublimating the water from the solid state to the gaseous state, so as to remove the moisture and preserve the material. Freeze dryer originated from the vacuum freeze drying technology in the 1920s, after decades of ups and downs, it has made great progress in the last 20 years. In the 21st century, vacuum freeze-drying technology is more and more favored by people because of its incomparable advantages over other drying methods, in addition to being widely used in the fields of medicine, biological products, food, blood products and active substances, its application scale and field are still expanding. Therefore, vacuum freeze drying will become an important application technology in the 21st century.

The application of freeze-dried food is mainly in convenience food industry, soup processing industry, instant beverage industry, nutrition and health food industry, as well as quartermaster, field work, mountaineering, aerospace and other special industries. There are many kinds of freeze-dried food abroad, which have exceeded the products stored or processed by any of the methods of cold storage, freezing, canning and other hot-drying methods. For example, the main ingredients used in the food industry: coffee, honey, cocoa powder, egg powder, shell juice powder and vegetable juice powder; main ingredients of home cooking: Japanese shrimp, tofu, Italian tomato and Hungarian red sweet pepper; seasonings and ingredients: spring onions, ginger, garlic, pepper, matsutake, perilla, flooded vegetables, bean paste, natural spices and pigments Fruit: Peruvian Maca, American cherry, American pineapple, yellow peach, mango, white peach and Italian citrus; special (aerospace, aviation, navigation, field work, polar, military and tourism, etc.) and convenient fast food: American salad, convenient meals, Japanese cup noodles, Japanese instant sauce soup, jam, cheese, tea and so on.

T equipment advantage
1. Energy saving:
The main results are as follows: 1) the refrigeration system adopts German Bitzer technology of two-stage piston machine, and the vacuum system adopts double-stage rotary vane 30000Roots (international advanced technology) double parallel pre-pumping unit to maintain operation.
2) the refrigeration system has the function of automatic detection during operation.
3) the vacuum system has the function of automatic adjustment during operation, which can save energy by more than 30%.
2. Shortening freeze-drying time
The main results are as follows: 1) by using the automatic correction function of vacuum, temperature, sublimation point and analytical point curve, the freeze-drying time can be shortened by more than 3-5 hours.
3. Shorten the defrosting time
1) the defrosting time can be shortened by more than 30% by using the superimposed operation of unit defrosting and water-dissolving defrosting at the same time.
4. Process design
1) High operating vacuum and low cold trap temperature also accelerate the freeze-drying time, which can save more than 30% of energy.
2) cold trap coil material 304 stainless steel industrial seamless tube, staggered palace distribution, diameter 38 × 2.5, increase cold trap water supply faster freeze-drying time, can save energy by more than 30%.
The control system takes PLC as the core, uses the touch screen as the man-machine interface, records the multi-channel temperature data in the freeze-drying process in real time, and can browse in the form of curve, and the man-machine interface is clear and intuitive.

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