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stainless steel circular vibrating separator

stainless steel circular vibrating separator brief intr…

stainless steel circular vibrating separator
brief introduction
The direct row screen is a new type of screening machine carefully designed by our engineers, which changes the original double motor structure mode and uses a single horizontal vibrating motor as the excitation source. The material movement track can have a variety of adjustment forms. After modification, the adaptability of the screen machine to materials is more diversified. The discharge outlet is at the bottom of the screen machine, the materials are discharged directly, and the treatment capacity is greatly increased.
The direct row screen is used for on-line screening to produce instant noodle wheat flour. It is used to remove impurities and increase the specific surface area of wheat flour, which can reach 350kg / 150 seconds. It is mostly used for coarse screening and fine screening of particles and powders in flour, starch, washing powder, metal powder, additives, chemical industry, non mining and other industries. It has large processing capacity and is easy to be combined with the production line. The selection range is between 600mm and 1800mm.
Function and principle
The action principle of the straight row screen is that two groups of eccentric blocks (unbalanced eccentric blocks) are located at the upper and lower ends of the vibrating motor shaft to change the rotary motion of the vibrating motor into horizontal, vertical, inclined and centrifugal multi force overlap. Then transfer this force to the screen surface. Changing the phase angle and weight of the upper and lower eccentric blocks can change the magnitude of the exciting force and the motion trajectory of the material.
(1) The utility model has the advantages of simple and compact structure, small volume, no space occupation and convenient movement;
(2) All stainless steel design, beautiful and durable appearance;
(3) Low working noise, ultra-low mute design; Low energy consumption and high efficiency;
(4) Automatic operation, 24-hour continuous production;
(5) It can be used in single layer and multi-layer, with one-time multi-level screening;
(6) Fully enclosed structure, no dust flying, environmental protection;
(7) The discharge port with large flow is at the bottom, which is convenient for the installation of equipment for assembly line operation;
(8) The upper discharge port can be adjusted arbitrarily within 360 °, which is convenient for installation and use;
(9) The new grid structure has high tension and long service life, and customers can quickly replace the screen.
Applicable industry
Chemical industry: resin, coating, industrial commodities, cosmetics, paint, traditional Chinese medicine powder.
Food industry: sugar, starch, salt, rice flour, milk powder, soybean milk, egg powder, soy sauce, fruit juice, etc.
Metal and smelting industry: aluminum powder, lead powder, ore, copper powder, alloy powder, electrode powder, manganese dioxide, electrolytic copper powder, point magnetic materials, grinding powder, refractory, kaolin, lime, alumina, heavy calcium carbonate, quartz sand, etc.
Pollution treatment: waste oil, wastewater, dye wastewater, additives, activated carbon, etc.


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