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vibratory seive for acid of lemon

vibratory seive for acid of lemon brief introduction Th…

vibratory seive for acid of lemon
brief introduction
The flapping screen can screen products with various characteristics. It is applicable to the particle size composition inspection of ordinary abrasives, production classification and material size composition inspection of superhard materials. It is also widely used in the scientific research, production and Laboratory of geology, metallurgy, powder, chemical industry, construction engineering, cement, medicine, national defense and other departments to screen and detect materials.
Flapping screen is a product with a wide range of applications. It has complete functions and is easy to use. It is a vibration screening equipment loved by the majority of users. Our company has rich production experience in the production of flapping screen. We strictly control every link from material selection to finished products, and strive to provide you with high-end flapping screen products.
working principle
The motor drives the gear to the main shaft through the synchronous belt. After the gear is changed, the main shaft rotates at the required speed. The main shaft drives the eccentric wheel to make the sliding plate move back and forth, driving the test screen installed in the sliding plate tray to shake left and right. At the same time, the main shaft drives the ejector rod gear to rotate. After the speed change, the ejector rod gear hits the ejector rod through the cam, and the ejector rod makes the racket hammer squeeze the upper cover of the test screen up and down, Make the materials in the test screen and sample separation screen reciprocating and vibrate up and down, and screen the material particles smaller than the mesh on the screen surface of the test screen into the lower test screen. In this way, only the materials with the same particle size are left in each test screen. Achieve the separation of different particle sizes and determine the particle size composition of the material.
(1) Accurate transmission and good consistency
(2) Long service life, low repair and maintenance cost: since the two gears do not have direct contact and will not wear, the contact adaptability between the synchronous belt and the gear is good, and the service life is long, only the synchronous belt needs to be replaced during maintenance. At the same time, the eccentric wheel group adopts the overall mode, which is accurate and convenient for re installation. The rotating part adopts bearings (standard parts), which are not easy to wear, low cost and easy to replace. The technical requirements and cost of maintenance are reduced.
(3) High screening efficiency: this screening method enables both reciprocating and flapping vibration during screening, which will not block the screen surface, fast blanking and thorough screening.
(4) Clean: due to the adoption of this transmission mode without refueling, the maintenance cost is reduced and the environment is protected, which is very beneficial to the clean production environment.
Applicable industry
It is widely used in the inspection, screening, grading, particle size analysis and impurity content analysis of solid, powder, slurry and other materials by scientific research institutions, laboratories, laboratories and production control in food, medicine, chemical industry, abrasive, pigment, mining, metallurgy, geology, ceramics, national defense and other industries. It is especially used for the production and screening of superhard materials such as diamond.


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