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High Frequency Double Deck Vibrating Sceen

High Frequency Double Deck Vibrating Sceen The edge vib…

High Frequency Double Deck Vibrating Sceen
The edge vibrating screen is a kind of * * * screening filter, which has a remarkable effect on the treatment of ceramics, pigments, * * * coatings, fruit juice and other products. The impurities can be discharged automatically, and the edge design is convenient for you to observe the screening and filtering products more directly, with a fine of up to 25 microns.
The edge added rotary vibrating screen is suitable for dry and wet screening and classification of powder, granular, fibrous materials or slurry. It is a new high-precision fine-grained screening equipment.
Graded screening: continuously select mixed materials with different particle sizes to become products with different particle sizes.
Screening impurities: high flow powder material treatment, quickly remove large particles or fine powders with little content.
Solid liquid separation: quickly remove the insoluble solids in various slurries. Separation of slurry impurities: remove unqualified impurities from the slurry.
The motor drives the heavy hammer to excite the vibration, and the screen body produces a horizontal, vertical and inclined three-dimensional movement, so that the materials are thrown up on the screen and rotated outward from the center to be discharged to the discharge port. In the movement of the materials on the screen, the fine particle screen completes the screening, classification or filtration of the materials by selecting or installing the corresponding screen and screen layers through the liquid, The sorted materials are separated by their respective discharge ports, and the materials are screened, classified or filtered by installing corresponding screens and screen layers, and the sorted materials are separated by their respective discharge ports.
★ high screening precision and high efficiency. Any powder, granule and mucus can be used.
★ fully enclosed structure, the powder does not fly, the mesh does not block, and the sieve powder * can reach 400 mesh.
★ small volume, low noise, convenient movement, and the discharge port can be arranged arbitrarily along the circumferential direction.
★ the anti blocking screen device is set in the rotary vibrating screen equipment, which can effectively eliminate the mesh blockage.
★ there are no special requirements for the equipment foundation, and the general cement floor can be used directly.
★ easy screen change, simple operation and convenient cleaning.
★ the mixed materials enter from the center. After screening, the materials of various sizes are automatically and continuously discharged from their respective outlets, which can be produced continuously.
★ the new grid design is convenient for changing the grid (3-5 minutes).
★ a screen cleaning device is installed to ensure that the screen is not blocked.
★ gate design is added (for special materials).
★ * the new middle flange vibration motor design has strong vibration force and more uniform dispersed materials.


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