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High Screening Efficiency Linear Vibrating screen

High Screening Efficiency Linear Vibrating screen Rotar…

High Screening Efficiency Linear Vibrating screen
Rotary vibrating screen can be divided into one layer, two layers, three layers and four layers. According to the specific needs of screening materials, different layer types of rotary vibrating screens are selected. One layer screen is mostly used for screening out impurities and specific gravity filtration, and its one-layer rotary vibrating screen can also separate two complete particle sizes. This series of rotary vibrating screen is a special, high viscosity and fine material screening equipment with domestic advanced level designed by our factory on the basis of absorbing advanced technology at home and abroad. It is mainly used to screen fine powder, micro powder, dry and wet materials.
Chemical industry: resin, coating, pigment, rubber, carbon black, activated carbon, cosolvent, gum, sodium sulfate, polyethylene powder, quartz sand, etc.
Medicine: Traditional Chinese medicine powder, western medicine powder, pharmaceutical raw material powder, etc.
Food: sugar, salt, monosodium glutamate, starch, milk powder, soybean milk, fruit juice, rice flour, dehydrated vegetables, fruit juice, yeast solution, pineapple juice, fish meal, food additives, etc.
Kiln industry: glass, ceramics, porcelain slurry, grinding materials, refractory bricks, kaolin quicklime, mica, alumina, calcium carbonate (heavy), etc.
Metal metallurgy: lead powder, zinc oxide, titanium oxide, casting sand, diamond powder, aluminum powder, iron powder, various metal powders, etc.
Public hazard treatment: wastewater, waste oil, feces and urine, etc.
XZS series rotary vibrating screen is a special and high-precision fine-grained screening machine. It is suitable for intermittent, continuous, dry and wet screening of dry, wet and various geometric materials such as metallurgy, refractory, abrasive, chemical industry, dyes, rubber products, bakelite, ceramics, pesticides and cosmetics. High performance, low noise, fully enclosed structure, no dust overflow. This series of screen machines can continuously separate different particles and powder materials through various screens with different mesh numbers, so as to meet various needs. XZS series rotary vibrating screen is excited by the unbalanced eccentric weights installed at the upper and lower ends of the shaft of the vertical vibrating motor, or by the eccentric weights at the upper and lower ends of the vibrator carried by the ordinary motor. Due to the rotation of the driving motor, the vibrating part of the screen moves three dimensionally in the horizontal, vertical and inclined directions. Adjusting the phase angle of the upper and lower weights can change the motion track of the material on the screen surface to meet the * good screening effect of various specific gravity materials. By adjusting the counterweight blocks of the upper and lower weight hammers, different exciting forces can be achieved to achieve the * good screening component of materials with different specific gravity and different mesh numbers. The mill has high grinding efficiency, the grinding medium collision times are 50 times that of ordinary ball mill, and the grinding speed is 10-30 times higher than that of ordinary ball mill. It has good sealing performance, no dust overflow, low energy consumption, simple installation and convenient maintenance. The lining plate shall be 16m plate or rubber lining plate, and the medium includes metal medium and non-metal medium. The inflammables and explosives shall be grinded intermittently and protected by nitrogen.


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