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The trommel is a screening equipment that performs clas…

The trommel is a screening equipment that performs classification processing according to the particle size of the material. It is also called a trommel screening machine. Because of its simple process layout, it is widely used in product classification in the mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical and other industries. It is commonly used in the classification and screening of medium and fine-grained materials to improve the quality of the materials. The principle and structure of drum screen sand machine, drum screen machine and drum screen are almost the same, but there are differences in people's understanding and name of it. According to the different actual conditions of users, high-efficiency trommels of various models, specifications and methods can be customized professionally.
The drum screen is mainly composed of a motor, a reducer, a drum device, a frame, a sealing cover, and an inlet and outlet. The roller device is installed on the frame obliquely. The motor is connected with the roller device through a coupling through a reducer, and drives the roller device to rotate around its axis. When the material enters the drum device, due to the inclination and rotation of the drum device, the material on the screen surface is turned and rolled, so that the qualified material (product under the screen) is discharged through the discharge port at the bottom of the rear end of the drum, and the unqualified material (the screen The upper product) is discharged through the discharge port at the end of the drum. Due to the overturning and rolling of the material in the drum, the material stuck in the screen hole can be ejected to prevent the screen hole from being blocked.
The trommel screen is mainly used for grading processing according to the particle size of the material, and is widely used in electric power, mining, metallurgy, building materials, chemical, pharmaceutical and other production industries.
1. In the quarry, it is used to classify large and small stones, and to separate soil and stone powder.
2. The coal industry is used for the separation of lump coal and pulverized coal and coal washing (a component of coal washing machinery).
3. In the food industry, it is used to remove impurities from powder materials and to classify large particles or lumps.
4. In the chemical industry and mineral processing industry, it is used to classify large and small lumps and separate powdery materials.
5. In the pharmaceutical industry, it is used for pill classification, etc.
 The drum screening machine has low power, low energy consumption, self-cleaning device in the barrel, and the screen holes are not easy to be blocked; small space occupation, low investment cost, stable and reliable operation, high screening efficiency, large output; simple process layout, installation, Features such as easy maintenance and easy operation. At the same time, it has strong adaptability to materials. Various materials such as viscous, high humidity, dirty and miscellaneous materials can be screened. The feeding methods are diversified, that is, manual and mechanical transmission, which can be mass-produced. The center screen adopts ring Shaped flat steel ring design, good wear resistance, long service life, simple structure and convenient maintenance.


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