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Xinxiang Desheng Vibrating Screen Manufacturer
Address :No. 18, Xingye Road, Xinxiang Economic Development Zone, Henan
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Xinxiang Desheng Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Xinxiang, the largest production base of vibration equipment. It is a machinery company specializing in vibration equipment, conveying equipment, feeding equipment, lifting equipment, vibration classification equipment and various vibration accessories.

The series of products produced include: various types of vibration equipment, such as linear vibrating screen, rotary vibrating screen, vibrating motor, ultrasonic vibrating screen, test screen, direct row screen, air flow screen, swing screen, vibration motor, various conveying and lifting equipment and others Vibration equipment accessories. Products are widely used in chemical, metal, mining, abrasives, ceramics, pigments, coatings, food and other industries.

In terms of scientific and technological research and development, the company has been committed to the research and development of precision screens, inspection screens, ultrasonic vibrating screens, stainless steel electric screens, and vibrating direct row screens. The research and development technology innovations have been recognized and praised by new and old customers.

In the domestic market, our company has cooperated with Wahaha Group, Jilin Chemical Group, Zhuhai Hongta, Foxconn, Zuxing Industry, Shanshan Technology, Yunnan Tin Industry, Simeiya, Hubin, Xiamen Tungsten Industry, BAK Battery, Xiwang Group and Chenming Paper and other well-known domestic companies have formed good partnerships; in the field of international markets, they have received support and trust from customers.

Enterprise goal: To solve the customer's screening problem as its own responsibility, is committed to the development of front-end screening technology, and builds the main force in China's screening and vibration industry.

Market concept: Find and develop the market that suits us and strive to gain market share. Honesty is gold, quality is like a shield!

Team spirit: realize personal value through self-struggle, realize the common development of the company and employees through teamwork, take the common goal as the starting point and end point of all behaviors, unite sincerely on the basis of job responsibility; emphasize unity, seek joint efforts, and emphasize cooperation Seek efficiency; respect each other, help each other, trust each other, and love each other.

Employment concept: People-oriented, respecting, caring, motivating, cultivating people, cherishing every creativity of employees, and providing a platform for each employee to realize self-worth. Put the value of people above the value of things, and use performance management to evaluate people scientifically.

Talent concept: The company provides opportunities for employees, and employees create wealth for the company.

Service concept: Serve attentively, make perfection, check customer needs and exceed customer expectations.

Business philosophy: take benefit as the center, regard talents as capital, market-oriented, regard reputation as life, always pay attention to customers, improve ourselves everywhere, strive to innovate, dare to challenge, go to the market, go to the modern day, and go to the new century.

Motivation concept: God rewards hard work, there is always a reward for paying, and creating good employees.

Corporate Style: Really do business and behave upright.

Management philosophy: clear responsibilities and powers, clear goals, orderly coordination, fast and efficient.

Quality concept: quality first, customer first.

Cultural Center: People-oriented, caring for people, understanding people, respecting people, and integrating science and strictness.

Excellence concept: one heart and one mind, unity and hard work, learning and innovation, motivating oneself, challenging display, creating a good enterprise.

Work style: Quick response, clear day by day, no excuses.

The basic tenets of corporate life: investment must be rewarded, loyalty must be trusted, initiative must be innovative, and persistence must be successful.

The company has complete production technology, testing methods, and complete production facilities, which enable it to occupy a place in the fierce market competition and meet the continuous needs of customers. The company pursues the quality policy of "Customer satisfaction is our eternal pursuit". Meet the ever-changing requirements of customers. We are working hard to provide customers with more satisfactory high-quality products through the development of new products, new materials and high-tech. We will provide high-quality services, advanced international management, "never satisfied" entrepreneurial spirit and "keep improving." The spirit of enterprise and friends from all walks of life work together to create a more brilliant tomorrow!

Our vision: Taking quality as the guarantee, service as the core, and leading the development of the industry as the ideal, to create a beautiful era of vibration equipment!

Choosing us will be your unrepentant choice. Welcome friends from all walks of life to discuss business!


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